Save $25 off Major Service!

Holiday travel can be tough on your automobile! An ounce of prevention is what it needs. TLC is here to help. Act now and save $25 off any major service (Brake, Differential, Radiator) and or preventative maintenance fluid exchange (Radiator Flush, Fuel Injection Service, Transmission Flush) Right-click on the coupon below to download, print, and […]

Save $20 on Brake Service at any Location in Roanoke & Salem

Safety first! Make sure your brakes are in top condition and save $20 at any of our locations in Roanoke and Salem. There is more to your brakes than just pads and rotors. Our technicians know every part of your brake system inside and out. Remember, regular brake inspections should be part of your vehicle’s ongoing […]

Save $5 on a Full Service Oil Change in Roanoke & Salem

The Lube Center would like to thank you for checking out our website by offering you a $5 savings on a full service oil change at any of our locations is Roanoke and Salem. Motor oil lubricates every moving part of your engine. If motor oil is not changed, gooey sludge will form in your […]

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