A/C Service-Repair-Replacement (BRANDON LOCATION ONLY)
We have added servicing air conditioning! If it is hot out there and inside your car is not cooler, come see us at our Brandon Rd. location 🙂

Full Service Oil Change Services

When it comes to maintaining your car, the most popular words of wisdom are “change the oil regularly” and it’s popular for good reason. Our Full Service Oil Change is so much more than “just an oil change”. It includes our 18pt. Service.

Brake Services

There is more to your brakes than just pads and rotors. Remember, regular brake inspections should be part of your vehicle’s ongoing maintenance, helping to ensure its safety and reliability. We recommend yearly brake inspections for your family’s safety.

Vehicle Inspections

The Lube Center is an Official Virginia Vehicle Inspection Station. We are licensed to perform Safety Inspections and we perform these services in compliance with state guidelines.

Tires & Tire Repair

Selecting the right tires for your vehicle is an important decision. Your safety, as well as driving enjoyment over the next several years and tens of thousands of miles will be determined by this decision. We offer all major brands of tires like Michelin and Goodyear.

General Repair

Our technicians can repair a long list of problems with your car with the same quality and convenience of our famous full service oil change.

Four Wheel Alignment
(Available at Brandon & Hollins Locations Only)

A wheel alignment consists of adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. The purpose of these adjustments is maximum tire life and a vehicle that rides straight and true when driving along a straight and level road.

Air Filters

Your vehicle relies on clean air in order to run at optimal performance and so do you. That’s why we check and change both your engine’s air filter as well as the cabin air filter. To insure you and your engine are receiving clean air is by replacing the air filters at recommended intervals.

Cabin Air Filters

The cabin air filter in your vehicle removes all kinds of pollen, dust, soot and odors that enter your vehicle. Cabin filters are particularly beneficial for people with allergies as they do an effective job of removing allergens from the air.

Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration is a service that will return your dulled and faded headlight covers to an almost new shine. Over time, plastic headlight covers become dulled, dirty and faded from sand, dirt and other solid materials hitting them as you drive. This dulled surface looks bad, and more importantly, reduces your visibility.

Transmission Services

The biggest enemy of an automatic transmission is the heat generated by the constant friction of clutch plates. Transmission fluid that is changed at recommended intervals disperses heat, lubricates clutch plates and adds detergents to keep the transmission clean & operating properly.

Differential Services

Whether front, rear or all-wheel drive, your car’s metal ring and pinion gears are meshing against each other every time your wheels rotate. To ensure that these metal parts are protected, it’s important to have the differential fluid checked and changed at recommended intervals.

Radiator Flushes

Flushing and filling your car’s cooling system is essential to long engine life. The radiator protects the engine from overheating during the summer by circulating coolant through the engine block. Fresh coolant also lubricates seals and protects against corrosion in heater cores.

Fuel Injection Cleaning

The difference between a powerful, fuel-efficient engine and a sluggish, inefficient one can lie in something as simple as the spray of a fuel injector. To help ensure your car will always perform at its peak, have your fuel system cleaned on a regular basis.

Fuel Filter Replacement

A fuel filter is an essential part of protecting your vehicle’s engine from harmful contaminants. A clean fuel filter is one of the best ways to improve fuel economy, increase performance and extend the life of your engine.

Serpentine Belt Replacement

The Serpentine Belt transfers power from the engine to most of your major engine components. Over time, the rubber belt will become brittle and crack. If the belt breaks, you will be left stranded. So it’s important to have your belts checked regularly.

Tire Rotation

Tire rotations help to make your tires last longer by reducing uneven wear. Driving style, wheel alignment, amount of miles driven and tire location on the vehicle are all factors in how your tires will wear. By rotating your tires, you will extend the life of your tires, save time and money.

Wiper Blades

Wiper blades sweep across the windshield removing rain, snow, bugs and debris. Over time the rubber blade will dry out, become brittle and crack. All of this leads to reduced visibility which can pose a serious safety hazard.

Power Steering Flush

Power Steering fluid lubricates for all of the moving parts throughout the power steering system. This will prevent parts from wearing out and failing by removing metal debris which accumulates in the old fluid and conditions the o-rings and seals.